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Availability of new high-power semiconductor devices and the desire for developing power systems with higher penetrations of distributed generation have sparked significant research in power electronic converters. The non-sinusoidal nature of the current and voltage waveforms commonly present in power electronic converters makes it difficult to accurately(More)
A new bidirectional dc-ac power electronic interface (PEI) consisting of a dc link, an HVdc terminal based on modular multilevel converters (MMCs), medium-frequency transformers (MF-XFMRs) - higher frequencies are also possible - and ac-ac converters is proposed for interconnecting two ac systems, or dc and ac systems. The advantages of each component make(More)
Research into microgrids has become more promising during recent years. It has the potential of leading to a more resilient electric power delivery system in the face of system disturbances. Low pass ac filters are frequently adopted in microgrid power electronic interfaces that convert dc power to ac power because most of today's distribution grids have ac(More)
The demand for microgrids is growing rapidly since it is able to integrate distributed generation, reduce peak-load profile and transmission power losses, and increase customers' power reliability. Microgrid infrastructures and testbeds are built or under construction globally. A 13.8-kV 4.75-MVA microgrid laboratory testbed is being built and initially(More)
Circuit protection devices and power distribution units for future More Electric / All Electric Aircraft (MEA/AEA) power systems require an increased level of control and intelligence along with fast-acting protection mechanisms. The trend towards utilizing solid-state power electronics for system-level protection of MEA/AEA systems has increased due to the(More)
In this work, several dc-dc converter topologies are examined for GaN-based, single-input, multi-output, large step-down applications; namely 200V∼400V dc distribution systems in modern defense, aeronautical, and datacenter industries. Many critical loads in these larger systems are supplied by 48V, 24V, 12V, or lower voltage sources, requiring a(More)
Wide bandgap materials are having a transformational impact on the electrical, thermal, and mechanical performance of military, industrial, and commercial power electronic systems where silicon (Si) power semiconductors are the present material technology of choice. This paper reports on the design, analysis, and experimental verification of a compact(More)
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