Kenny Dalgarno

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Spinal fusion is the gold standard surgical procedure for degenerative spinal conditions when conservative therapies have been unsuccessful in rehabilitation of patients. Novel strategies are required to improve biocompatibility and osseointegration of traditionally used materials for lumbar cages. Furthermore, new design and technologies are needed to(More)
BACKGROUND The design of foot and ankle orthoses is currently limited by the methods used to fabricate the devices, particularly in terms of geometric freedom and potential to include innovative new features. Additive manufacturing (AM) technologies, where objects are constructed via a series of sub-millimetre layers of a substrate material, may present the(More)
Background Before launching a new bespoke foot orthotic (FO) product, it is necessary to understand how it works under compressive loads. Additive manufacturing and the selective laser sintering process in particular can enable a number of innovative and functional features to be integrated to the FO device. A simple example of this design freedom is to(More)
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