Kennosuke Kadono

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To study the effect of aging on orexin-A, we measured plasma orexin-A concentrations in 82 healthy volunteers (55 men and 27 women) over a wide range of ages (mean 50.2 +/- 13.9 years, ranging from 23 to 79 years). Correlation analyses revealed that plasma orexin-A concentrations correlated with age (r = 0.50, P < 0.01). When comparing three age groups, it(More)
We present the first observation of a prominent quasiparticle peak in the photoemission spectrum of the metallic phase of V2O3 and report new spectral calculations that combine the local-density approximation with the dynamical mean-field theory (using quantum Monte Carlo simulations) to show the development of such a distinct peak with decreasing(More)
Head position and mouth opening in the supine position may impair the ability to swallow. If this does occur, it would lead to retention of intra-oral fluids during dental treatment, which would lead to stimulation of the cough reflex. This study was conducted to investigate how head position and mouth opening affect swallowing ability. The water swallowing(More)
To detect precise anatomical configuration of the first ray in feet with hallux valgus, a two-dimensional coordinate system was devised for evaluation of a weight-bearing dorsoplantar radiograph. The radiographs, taken from 229 feet of 114 patients with symptomatic hallux valgus and 94 normal feet, were investigated. A comparative study showed the first(More)
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