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This paper describes the experiences and results on implementing a set of hyperspectral imaging analysis algorithms on the Itanium Processor Family. On Itanium architecture all instructions are transformed into bundles of instructions and these bundles are processed in a parallel fashion by the different functional units. Experimental results show that(More)
This paper presents our experiences developing grid portals for radar and sensor based applications. Underlying these gateways there are existing grid technologies such as Globus Toolkit 4.0.1 and Gridsphere. The grid portals provide secure and transparent access to applications dealing with data acquired from network of radar and sensors deployed in Puerto(More)
We propose a linear formulation for traffic routing in optical networks after the Virtual Topology Design (VTD). The formulation maximizes the amount of traffic the network is able to accept, through minimizing the residual capacity in established lightpaths. The results suggest that it is feasible to preserve enough open capacity to avoid disruption of(More)
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