Kennichi Matsuo

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A case of a penetration of the duodenum by a needle with migration to the pancreas in a 50-year-old man is reported herein. The patient was referred to us with a chief complaint of diarrhea. An abdominal plain roentgenogram showed a needle in the upper abdominal area. An abdominal computed tomography scan and contrast X-ray revealed the foreign body to be(More)
Cyclic soft palate elevation is temporally associated with masticatory jaw movement. However, the soft palate is normally lowered during nasal breathing to maintain retropalatal airway patency. We tested the hypothesis that the frequency and amplitude of soft palate elevation associated with mastication would be reduced during inspiration. Movements of(More)
The soft palate moves rhythmically during feeding, but the timing and frequency of this motion are not known. We tested the hypothesis that cyclic soft palate motion is temporally linked to cyclic jaw movement. Nine healthy, asymptomatic human subjects with normal dentition ate solid food coated with barium. Videofluorographic recordings showed that(More)
We conducted ergometer exercise electrocardiography (ergometry) on 3,477 subjects in a THP (Total Health Promotion Plan). One hundred cases in which abnormal findings were detected by ergometry were analyzed. In the hundred cases there were 3 patterns: abnormal ST change, 50 cases; abnormal reaction, 22 cases; and extreme increase in blood pressure, 28(More)
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