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Turnover: The Real Bottom Line
Turnover is the rotation of workers around the labor market; between firms, jobs, and occupations; and between the states of employment and unemployment.1 “In-house engineering,” “revolving doorExpand
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Business Success in the Middle East
The Middle East has been overlooked by American companies as a region in which to explore market opportunities. Suggests that this is largely due to ignorance of, and bias towards, the culture andExpand
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Risk Management in a Service Business
Service businesses, like product manufacturers, face loss exposures‐sets of circumstances that could give rise to losses. The losses may never occur, but the firm must plan for the possibility thatExpand
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The relationship between selected socioeconomic variables and measures of arson: A cross-sectional study
This article examines the relationship between arson and selected sociological factors. Factor analysis was applied to 14 socioeconomic factors to produce the composite factors of social climate,Expand
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Dissent: An Important but Neglected Factor in Decision Making
Unless the question of decision making is encouraged disasters can occur. Several examples of bad decisions which have been compounded by a lack of dissent are outlined – from President Reagan′sExpand
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Islamic Economics: Foundations and Practices
The Islamic economic system is a theoretical construct of an economy whose members follow the Islamic faith. The core of Islamic economics rests on theological foundations – social welfare is valuedExpand
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An exploratory study of the personal value systems of city managers
Little attention has been given by researchers in organizational behavior to the study of public managers' values and how these values affect their managerial behavior. Therefore, the major objectiveExpand
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The Structure and Disciplinary Boundaries of Insurance: A Citational Analysis of JRI Articles
This paper provides a description of the nature, trends, and changing patterns of references cited in the Journal of Risk and Insurance (JRI) in three sample volumes: 1980, 1984, and 1988. FindingsExpand
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The Impact of “Hurricane Hugo” on the Purchase of Indirect Loss Coverage
This study examines the business community of Charleston, South Carolina following Hurricane Hugo. The objectives of this study are (1) to determine if, after experiencing an actual catastrophe, aExpand