Kenneth W. Parker

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In an open, nonblind study, 10 patients with Tourette's disorder who were being treated with haloperidol were videotaped before, while, and after chewing nicotine gum. The frequency of tics was reduced significantly during the 30-minute gum-chewing period and during the 1 hour after gum chewing. Nicotine appears to potentiate haloperidol effects in patients(More)
Nicotine was found to markedly potentiate haloperidol-induced hypokinesia in rats. Nicotine alone was without effect. Subsequently, concurrent administration of 2 mg nicotine gum to 10 Tourette syndrome patients being treated with haloperidol produced a substantial decrease in tics and improvement of concentration and attention span. Nicotine gum alone was(More)
We studied the effects of chewing nicotine gum on tic frequency and severity in 10 patients with Tourette's disorder (TD) on haloperidol, versus 9 untreated TD patients; placebo gum was administered to 5 of these untreated patients. Videotapes of patients during a 2-hr period of 30 min baseline, 30 min gum chewing, and two 30-min postgum-chewing periods(More)
In conventional science and engineering degree programs, computation is commonly treated-as a narrow technical tool to be studied and applied in isolation from the traditional topics of the discipline. Students are typically required to take a programming course (usually in Fortran, C, or Pascal) to learn how to program, and perhaps a numerical analysis(More)
Despite recent theory development, methods of calibration that accurately recover signals from biased sensor readings remain limited in their applicability. Acoustic sensors, for instance, which have been popular in low power wireless sensor networks, are difficult to calibrate in this manner, given their significant hardware variability, large dynamic(More)
Strongly shocked cylindrically convergent implosions were conducted on the OMEGA laser. The directly driven targets consist of a low-density foam core and an embedded aluminum shell covered by an epoxy ablator. The outer surface of the aluminum shell has imposed single-mode perturbations with wave numbers k=0.08, 0.25, and 0.7 (rad/microm) and initial(More)
The national certification examination in nurse-midwifery/midwifery was adapted to the Puerto-Rican Spanish language. Specific attention was paid to creating a version of the examination that was both culturally and linguistically relevant, while remaining appropriately representative of national standards of practice. The procedures used in translation and(More)