Kenneth W Escudero

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A voltage-sensitive inwardly rectifying chloride (Cl-) conductance (GCl(V) is present in hippocampal pyramidal but not dentate gyrus neurons and has a significant role in modulation of neuronal(More)
Activin responsiveness of the murine GnRH receptor gene promoter is mediated at a regulatory element we termed the GnRH receptor activating sequence (GRAS). Here, we have sought to define the complex(More)
BACKGROUND The Foxl2 transcription factor is required for ovarian function during follicular development. The mechanism of Foxl2 regulation of this process has not been elucidated. Our approach to(More)
Structural aspects of the interaction between Escherichia coli transcription termination factor rho and RNA have been investigated, using nuclease protection assays and electron microscopy. A(More)
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