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—This research demonstrates the adverse implications of using non-robust statistical methods for detecting anomalies in hyperspectral image data, and proposes the use of multivariate outlier detection methods as an alternative detection strategy. Existing outlier detection methods are adapted for use in a hyperspectral image context, and their performance(More)
This paper describes a new procedure for using control variates in multiresponse simulation when the covariance matrix of the controls is known. Assuming that the responses and the controls are jointly normal, we develop a new unbiased control-variates point estimator for the mean simulation response. We also compute the covariance matrix of this point(More)
This dissertation develops a method for efficient discovery of wireless devices for a frequency hopping spread spectrum, synchronous, ad hoc network comprised of clustered sub-networks. Bluetooth serves as a reference protocol. An analytical model characterizing the interference to network traffic by inquiring devices is developed and demonstrates that(More)
In this paper, we present an integrated approach to feature and architecture selection for single hidden layer-feedforward neural networks trained via backpropagation. In our approach, we adopt a statistical model building perspective in which we analyze neural networks within a nonlinear regression framework. The algorithm presented in this paper employs a(More)
—Steganography (stego) is used primarily when the very existence of a communication signal is to be kept covert. Detecting the presence of stego is a very difficult problem which is made even more difficult when the embedding technique is not known. This article presents an investigation of the process and necessary considerations inherent in the(More)