Kenneth Thompson

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Map & Analyze Patterns & Structures Across Time (MAPSAT) is a new set of mapping tools that are appropriate for analyses of system dynamics and structure in education. MAPSAT consists of two complementary methodologies: Analysis of Patterns in Time (APT) and Analysis of Patterns in Configuration (APC). In APT, a researcher creates temporal maps by observing(More)
  • Theodore W Frick, John Dewey, Charles Sanders Peirce, Maria Montessori, Elizabeth Steiner, George Maccia +7 others
  • 2015
The Theory of Totally Integrated Education (TIE) predicts that mental structures formed by learners are expected to be stronger when 'knowing that one', 'knowing how', and 'knowing that' are integrated with learner emotions and intentions. Such whole, completely connected mental structures are expected to be less vulnerable to forgetting. TIE theory further(More)
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