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Stream merging is a technique for efficiently delivering popular media-on-demand using multicast and client buffers. Recently, several algorithms for stream merging have been proposed, and in this paper we perform a comprehensive comparison of these algorithms. We present the differences in philosophy and mechanics among the various algorithms and(More)
A robot must often react to events in its environment and exceptional conditions by suspendingor abandoning its current plan and selecting a new plan that is an appropriate response to the event. This paper describes how high-level controllers for robots that are reactive in this sense can conveniently be implemented in ConGolog, a new logic-based(More)
A voltage-dependent anion-selective channel, VDAC, is found in outer mitochondrial membranes. VDAC's conductance is known to decrease as the transmembrane voltage is increased in either the positive or negative direction. Charged groups on the channel may be responsible for this voltage dependence by allowing the channel to respond to an applied electric(More)
Research efforts into the engineering of real-time, distributed, virtual environments for use over the Internet have flourished since DARPA’s first steps in this direction fifteen years ago. The video game “Quake” (from idSoftware), having been the first successful game in this genre, has seen its interface and network usage characteristics become something(More)
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