Kenneth Sehon James

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The biological and physical augmentation provided by extracellular matrix (ECM) derived implants continues to challenge and refine the conventional wisdom of biomaterials. It is now appreciated that different tissue-processing methodologies can produce ECM devices with characteristic post-implantation responses ranging from the classic foreign body(More)
BACKGROUND We evaluated in a canine duraplasty model how specific differences in device physicomechanical properties, porosity, and crosslinking influenced the biological performance of three processed collagen dural substitutes. METHODS Three collagen dural substitutes were studied: Dura-Guard, DuraGen, and Durepair. The initial strength, stiffness, and(More)
STUDY DESIGN The decision to treat thoracolumbar burst fractures in neurologically intact patients either surgically or nonoperatively depends largely on whether the fracture is clinically stable. This study evaluated the relative contributions of the anterior, middle, and posterior columns to spinal stability by way of in vitro experimentation and(More)
We have assessed the degree to which compression and distraction forces applied to the spine of the magnitude achievable through instrumentation systems increase torsional stiffness, thereby possibly enhancing the environment for arthrodesis. A functional relationship between spine torsional stiffness and axial compression and distraction forces is(More)
Gastrointestinal stromal tumors, commonly known as GISTs, are non-epithelial gastrointestinal neoplasms seen with increasing frequency in clinical practice. These tumors were formerly classified as leiomyoblastomas or leiomyosarcomas. Recent advances in immunohistochemistry have identified gastrointestinal stromal tumors as a unique entity. Gastrointestinal(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of a fixed rate of infusion of propofol on total body oxygen consumption during the postoperative rewarming phase after cardiopulmonary bypass. DESIGN Prospective, randomized, controlled study. SETTING Cardiac intensive care unit, university hospital. PARTICIPANTS Twenty-four male and female patients undergoing(More)
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