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Sixteen caretakers of children hospitalized for their first episode of lead poisoning and 16 caretakers of children with normal lead levels were interviewed in their homes to determine if caretakers of children with lead poisoning provided more inadequate child care than the comparison group of caretakers. Children were matched according to age, race, and(More)
Experiments were conducted to study the effects of diet on liver glycogen and body composition in the three-week-old chick. When percent protein and percent lysine were varied, liver glycogen concentration declined significantly as protein and lysine increased, 32.6 vs. 19.4 mg/g for the 14 and 35% protein diets, respectively. Carcass fat decreased and(More)
Methods 150 vaccinia-naïve participants were inoculated i.m. via needle and syringe with 3 mg of pGA2/JS7 DNA at months 0 and 2, and 1x108 TCID50 of MVA/HIV62B at months 4 and 6 (DDMM regimen). 75 participants received 1x108 TCID50 of MVA/HIV62B at months 0, 2, and 6 (MMM regimen) and 75 received placebo. While the safety data are still blinded, the vaccine(More)
The objective of this work was the development of an efficient adsorbent for irreversible immobilization of heavy metals in contaminated soils. The adsorbent was prepared by pillaring of montmorillonite with silica followed by grafting of a chelate ligand on its surface. Obtained adsorbent was mesoporous with high content of adsorption sites. Its structure(More)
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