Kenneth S. H. Tsang

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Lumbar plexus block (LPB) is frequently used in combination with an ipsilateral sacral plexus or sciatic nerve block for lower limb surgery. This is traditionally performed using surface anatomical landmarks, and the site for local anaesthetic injection is confirmed by observing quadriceps muscle contraction to peripheral nerve stimulation. In this report,(More)
We describe a novel technique, previously applied to small children, for adult one-lung anaesthesia in which a single-lumen endotracheal tube is used with an endobronchial balloon blocker The main aims of the technique are to reduce the likelihood of cephalad displacement of the balloon into the trachea and to facilitate directional placement of the(More)
This paper presents a novel surveillance video indexing and retrieval system based on object features similarity measurement. The system firstly extracts moving objects from the videos by an efficient motion segmentation method. The fundamental features of each moving object are then extracted and indexed into the database. During retrieval, the system(More)
This paper proposes to incorporate boundary curvature ratio, region homogeneity and boundary smoothness into a single new merging criterion to improve the oversegmentation of marker-controlled watershed segmentation algorithm. The result is a more refined segmentation result with smooth boundaries and regular shapes. To pursue a final segmentation result(More)
Sciatic nerve block is frequently used for anaesthesia or analgesia during orthopaedic foot surgery and there are several different approaches to the sciatic nerve. This report describes a new approach to the sciatic nerve using ultrasound. Local anesthetic was injected into the 'subgluteal space' under ultrasound guidance which was effective in producing(More)
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