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In this paper, we develop and discuss several distance measures for permutation type representations of solutions of combinatorial op-timisation problems. The problems discussed include single-machine and multiple-machine scheduling problems, the travelling salesman problem, vehicle routing problems, and many others. The distance measures are based on the(More)
A minimum spanning tree of an undirected graph can be easily obtained using classical algorithms by Prim or Kruskal. A number of algorithms have been proposed to enumerate all spanning trees of an undirected graph. Good time and space complexities are the major concerns of these algorithms. Most algorithms generate spanning trees using some fundamental cut(More)
The traveling repairman problem is a customer-centric routing problem, in which the total waiting time of the customers is minimized, rather than the total travel time of a vehicle. To date, research on this problem has focused on exact algorithms and approximation methods. This paper presents the first metaheuristic approach for the traveling repairman(More)
In recent years, the field of combinatorial optimization has witnessed a true tsunami of " novel " metaheuristic methods, most of them based on a metaphor of some natural or man-made process. The behavior of virtually any species of insects, the flow of water, musicians playing together – it seems that no idea is too far-fetched to serve as inspiration to(More)