Kenneth Ryan Schraufnagle

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The change in environmental parameters affects normal growth of plants, eventually reduces agricultural production. Ethylene plays vital roles in plant stress responses, germination, fruit ripening, organ abscission, pathogen response, and senescence. Expression of an ethylene-responsive transcription factor (ERF) was induced in Korean halophyte, Raphanus(More)
Abiotic stresses are the major concern in recent years as their effect on world food production is constantly increasing. We have obtained salt tolerant Arabidopsis lines overexpressing SaRBP1 (Suaeda asparagoides RNA binding protein 1) of a Korean halophyte, S. asparagoides. Homozygous T3 Arabidopsis transgenic lines were developed and used for salt stress(More)
Recent studies have shown that an intron is not merely “junk”, but something that plays important roles in many biological processes such as gene expression regulation and alternative splicing. For purposes of studying intron structures and predicting consensus splice motifs, a total of 102 legume species were used to isolate introns across the family. Of(More)
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