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The deterministic annealing approach to clustering and its extensions has demonstrated substantial performance improvement over standard supervised and unsupervised learning methods in a variety of important applications including compression, estimation, pattern recognition and classification, and statistical regression. The method offers three important(More)
Resilience to packet loss is a critical requirement in predictive video coding for transmission over packet-switched networks, since the prediction loop propagates errors and causes substantial degradation in video quality. This work proposes an algorithm to optimally estimate the overall distortion of decoder frame reconstruction due to quantization, error(More)
A deterministic annealing technique is proposed for the nonconvex optimization problem of clustering. Deterministic annealing is used in order to avoid local minima of the given cost function which trap traditional techniques. A set of temperature parametrized Gibbs probability density functions relate each data point to each cluster. An effective cost(More)
In rate-distortion theory, results are often derived and stated in terms of the optimizing density over the reproduction space. In this paper, the problem is reformulated in terms of the optimal mapping from the unit interval with Lebesgue measure that would induce the desired reproduction probability density. This results in optimality conditions that are(More)
A method is proposed for efficient scalability in predictive coding, which overcomes known fundamental shortcomings of the prediction loop at enhancement layers. The compression efficiency of an enhancement-layer is substantially improved by casting the design of its prediction module within an estimation-theoretic framework, and thereby exploiting all(More)
Consider approximate (lossy) matching of a source string , with a random codebook generated from reproduction distribution , at a specified distortion . Recent work determined the minimum coding rate 1 = ( ) for this setting. We observe that for large word length and with high probability, the matching codeword is typical with a distribution 1 which is(More)
We outline a method to perform eÆcient low rate quantization for MPEG-4 Advanced Audio Coding (AAC). The AAC bit stream consists of indices for quantized spectral coeÆcients as well as side information about quantizer step sizes and Hu man codebooks. The MPEG-4 Veri cation Model does not explicitly account for side information bits in its optimization and(More)
In this paper, we present an algorithm for occlusion boundary detection. The main contribution is a probabilistic detection framework defined on spatio-temporal lattices, which enables joint analysis of image frames. For this purpose, we introduce two complementary cost functions for creating the spatio-temporal lattice and for performing global inference(More)
Our deterministic annealing approach to clustering is derived on the basis of the principle of maximum entropy, is independent of the initial state, and produces natural hierarchical clustering solutions by going through a sequence of phase transitions. This approach i s modified here for a larger class of optimization problems by adding constraints to the(More)