Kenneth R. Walsh

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An issue facing the manager of a small business is the use of cloud computing to meet the information technology (IT) needs of the firm. These businesses typically have limited in-house IT capabilities and often outsource much of their IT. This paper discusses this rapidly evolving technology and provides a framework for businesses to decide on harnessing(More)
Existing pedagogies assume old technologies pencils, blackboards, and books. Newer technologies have fundamentally changed the cognitive cost of accessing information and the cognitive cost of problem-solving. These changes enable new pedagogies that fundamentally change the roles of students and instructors. Group Support Systems (GSS), one of these new(More)
Digitized textual information is an increasingly common repository for organizational memory. This paper describes an AI based tool that was developed at the University of Arizona which can be used to organize, categorize and extract digitized textual information from a Group Support System (GSS), GroupSystems V@. The first sections describe two experiments(More)
Diplomats and other experts are sent as delegations to inter-governmental conferences to implement their governments’ policies. Individual delegates in a multilateral diplomatic conference environment have needs for simultaneous any-time/any-place types of information and communication that have not been met by either traditional GSS studies in a given(More)