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An ongoing controversy exists in the prototyping community about how closely in form and function a user-interface prototype should represent the final product. This dispute is referred to as the " Low-versus High-Fidelity Prototyping Debate.'' In this article, we discuss arguments for and against low-and high-fidelity prototypes , guidelines for the use of(More)
Factors inhibiting Hispanic parental involvement in non-metropolitan area schools were studied. With the mandates of No Child Left Behind intensifying the need to improve the academic achievement of all at-risk groups of students in American schools, and with the relatively new phenomenon of large numbers of Hispanics settling in non-metropolitan areas,(More)
IBM's traditions in human factors are rooted as far back as the 1950s. This article traces and describes how the challenges to the discipline have changed over the last 40 years, based on the personal and professional experiences of the authors. During that span of time, the focus of attention has shifted from traditional knobs and dials hardware, to system(More)
For many young people, their aspiration for an environmentally compatible, and societally meaningful, field of activity is very marked and reflects the values they hold. Vocational rehabilitation should be oriented accordingly, and take up the motivational potential implied. The more accurate the knowledge of previous vocational experience, motivations,(More)
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