Kenneth R. Stern

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An ongoing controversy exists in the prototyping community about how closely in form and function a user-interface prototype should represent the final product. This dispute is referred to as the " Low-versus High-Fidelity Prototyping Debate.'' In this article, we discuss arguments for and against low-and high-fidelity prototypes , guidelines for the use of(More)
  • Ueq, Ei~juoa~afai Aj X Y Z, Ueq Co, References Bemarducci, E, P K Krogh-Jesperson +10 others
  • 2001
The title structure was solved by the heavy-atom method; subsequent Fourier syntheses based on the heavy atom revealed the positions of all the non-H atoms. Least-squares refinement including anisotropic parameters for the non-H atoms was performed. H atoms were placed at calculated positions with U = U(attached atom) + 0.01 A. Data collection: CAD-4-PC(More)
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