Kenneth R S Fisher

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The vasopressin and oxytocin-containing nucleus (VON) of the pig hypothalamus demonstrates dramatic postnatal growth in nucleus size, both volume and neuron number, during puberty, and continues to increase in size in the adult sexually mature female pig throughout its reproductive prime. This study was designed to show that postnatal neurogenesis is(More)
Evidence suggests that neurogenesis occurs in the adult hypothalamus, including centers containing oxytocin and vasopressin producing neurons. The present study was undertaken to look at one of these centers, the paraventricular nucleus (PVN), to describe its morphology, confirm the presence of neurogenesis and examine the effect of reproductive status on(More)
Until recently, evidence supporting postnatal neurogenesis was controversial. Much of the debate has centered on the identification of the dividing cells as neurons versus glia. Because neurogenesis has become a well-documented phenomenon, there is a need for reliable protocols to identify recently divided neurons in a wide range of situations. To(More)
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