Kenneth R Himes

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Hypospadias is one of the most common congenital anomalies in the United States, occurring in approximately 1 in 250 newborns or roughly 1 in 125 live male births. It is the result of arrested development of the urethra, foreskin, and ventral surface of the penis where the urethral opening may be anywhere along the shaft, within the scrotum, or in the(More)
Fosinopril sodium (I), a new angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor, is a diester prodrug of the active moiety II. We report here a novel transformation of fosinopril into β-ketoamide, III, and a phosphonic acid, IV, mediated through metal ion participation. The interaction of fosinopril with magnesium ions was studied in a solution model system in which(More)
Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil-fueled power plants contribute to more than one-third of all CO2 emissions in the U.S. [1]. Any effort to curtail greenhouse gases should therefore include the reduction of this emission source. Methods of CO2 reduction include (1) use of alternative fuels with lower CO2 emissions and (2) CO2 scrubbing and(More)
Although rhetoric about wages and jobs often emphasizes the effects of globalization, questions remain as to whether United States workers are paid adequately to sustain a reasonable standard of living. One solution is to implement a living wage, which is accurate and specific to a local economy but more computationally complex than a one-size-fits-all(More)
This paper employs an interdisciplinary ethical analysis to evaluate how global inequality has been addressed by recent so-called “global goal-setting” initiatives. It seeks to contextualize these initiatives within theoretical paradigms of human rights and human development, and to utilize these paradigms in evaluating the successes and shortcomings of the(More)
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