Kenneth R. Dardick

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Human babesiosis is an emerging tick-borne disease caused by the intraerythrocytic protozoan Babesia microti. Its geographic distribution is more limited than that of Lyme disease, despite sharing the same tick vector and reservoir hosts. The geographic range of babesiosis is expanding, but knowledge of its range is incomplete and relies exclusively on(More)
Borrelia miyamotoi sensu lato, a relapsing fever Borrelia sp., is transmitted by the same ticks that transmit B. burgdorferi (the Lyme disease pathogen) and occurs in all Lyme disease-endemic areas of the United States. To determine the seroprevalence of IgG against B. miyamotoi sensu lato in the northeastern United States and assess whether serum from B.(More)
A notable strength of this book is the inclusion of the full range of other conditions likely to be seen by those caring for immigrants and refugees. Included are discussions on women's health, dental diseases, and preventive healthcare, which are often overlooked. Because psychiatric and other mental health resources are limited in many locations, the(More)
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