Kenneth R. Baker

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This paper examines heuristic solution procedures for scheduling jobs on a single machine to minimize the maximum lateness in the presence of setup times between different job families. It reviews the state of knowledge about the solution of this problem, which is known to be difficult to solve in general, and examines natural solution approaches derived(More)
Article history: Received 8 December 2006 Received in revised form 20 May 2008 Accepted 2 June 2008 Available online 7 June 2008 Among those who study spreadsheet use, it is widely accepted that errors are prevalent in operational spreadsheets and that errors can lead to poor decisions and cost millions of dollars. However, relatively little is known about(More)
Various integer programming models have been proposed for sequencing problems. However, little is known about the practical value of these models. This paper reports a comparison of six different integer programming formulations of the single-machine total tardiness problem. We created a set of especially difficult test problems and attempted to solve them(More)
This paper reports on computational experiments involving optimal solutions to the flowshop tardiness problem. Of primary interest was a generic approach: solutions were obtained using a spreadsheet-based, mixed-integer programming code. However, the results compare favorably with those from a specially-tailored branch and bound algorithm. The main(More)