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Design and Performance of Horus: A Lightweight Group Communications System
The Horus project seeks to develop a communication system addressing the requirements of a wide variety of distributed applications. Horus implements the group communications model providing (amongExpand
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ISIS: A System for Fault-Tolerant Distributed Computing
The ISIS system transforms abstract type specifications into fault-tolerant distributed implementations, while insulating users from the mechanisms whereby fault-tolerance is achieved. This paperExpand
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The isis system manual
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Exploiting replication in distributed systems
Techniques are examined for replicating data and execution in directly distributed systems: systems in which multiple processes interact directly with one another while continuously respectingExpand
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Process Membership in Asynchronous Environments
Abstract : The development of reliable distributed software is simplified by the ability to assume a fail-stop failure model. We discuss the emulation of such a model in an asynchronous distributedExpand
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Fast Causal Multicast
We begin by outlining a new protocol that efficiently implements a reliable, causally ordered multicast primitive and is easily extended into a totally ordered one. Since measurements show that theExpand
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Dynamic Virtual Private Networks
We generalize traditional support for virtual private networks by introducing mechanisms for dynamic re-keying and membership management. Our approach significantly strengthens the protectionExpand
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Sliver, a Fast Distributed Slicing Algorithm
Slicing a distributed system involves partitioning the nodes into k equal-size subsets using a onedimensional attribute. A new gossip-based slicing algorithm that we call Sliver is proposed here;Expand
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The design and architecture of the Microsoft Cluster Service-a practical approach to high-availability and scalability
Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) extends the Windows NT operating system to support high-availability services. The goal is to offer an execution environment where off-the-shelf server applicationsExpand
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