Kenneth P. Hinkley

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This research tested the hypothesis that changes in the working self-concept emerge in transference, defined as the activation and application of a significant-other representation to a new person and indexed by relevant inferences and memory (e.g., S. M. Andersen & A. Baum, 1994; S. M. Andersen, N. S. Glassman, S. Chen, & S. Cole, 1995). In an(More)
We assessed aspects of the reliability and validity of three measures of social-cognitive processing in children that have been developed to investigate the relations of such processes to childhood depression: the Children's Attributional Style Questionnaire (CASQ), the Children's Negative Cognitive Error Questionnaire (CNCEQ), and the Common Beliefs(More)
Scientists (particularly biologists) currently lack effective tools for comparing multiple sequences of numbers or symbols. This paper describes a method of visual comparison which provides the scientist with a new and unique tool to study the qualitative relationships between three such sequences. The program displays a three-dimensional shape containing(More)
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