Kenneth O. McGraw

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Data from Web-delivered experiments conducted in browsers by remote users of PsychExperiments, a public on-line psychology laboratory, reveal experiment effects that mirror lab-based findings, even for experiments that require nearly millisecond accuracy of displays and responses. Textbook results are obtained not just for within-subjects effects, but for(More)
The relative salience for children of various human facial features was examined in five experiments. The first two experiments were designed to validate the conclusion from previous research (McGraw, Durm, & Patterson, 1983) that the sex of adult faces is more salient than their race or age, and that the presence or absence of glasses is extremely(More)
PsychExps (http:/(/) is an interactive on-line psychology laboratory designed to facilitate teaching and conducting research over the Internet. With the increased use of the Web among students and the development of technology enabling the deployment of experiments via the Internet, a laboratory such as PsychExps appears to offer(More)
In two experiments, the relative salience of the variables age, sex, race, and eyeglasses was determined with the use of a discrimination learning task and preschool-age Ss. The stimuli for the task were 112 frontal head and shoulder color photographs arranged in pairs. In both experiments, sex discrimination was the easiest to learn, followed by race and(More)
Key to Gregory's misapplied size constancy explanation for the Mueller-Lyer illusion is the assumption that subjects perceive the central line segment of the fins-out figure, which is analogous to an interior corner, as projecting from a more distant object than does the central line segment of the fins-in figure, which is analogous to an exterior corner.(More)
  • A Pellagatti, S Roy, C Di Genua, A Burns, K McGraw, S Valletta +9 others
  • 2016
ES et al. Evolving risk of therapy-related acute myeloid leukemia following cancer chemotherapy among Survival improvement of secondary acute myeloid leukemia over time: experience from 962 patients included in 13 EORTC-Gimema-HOVON Leukemia Group Trials. et al. Clinical relevance of cancer stem cells in bone marrow of early breast cancer patients. Revised(More)
This article suggests a practical procedure for estimating the number of Ss that need to be screened to obtain a sample of fixed size that meets multiple correlated criteria. The procedure is based on the fact that least squares regression provides a good quadratic fit for Monte Carlo estimates of multivariate probabilities when they are plotted as a(More)