Kenneth N. Stevens

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This article describes a model in which the acoustic speech signal is processed to yield a discrete representation of the speech stream in terms of a sequence of segments, each of which is described by a set (or bundle) of binary distinctive features. These distinctive features specify the phonemic contrasts that are used in the language, such that a change(More)
This research note describes the design and testing of a device for unobtrusive, long-term ambulatory monitoring of voice use, named the Portable Vocal Accumulator (PVA). The PVA contains a digital signal processor for analyzing input from a neck-placed miniature accelerometer. During its development, accelerometer recordings were obtained from 99(More)
This thesis develops models of relationships between the physical attributes of young children and the acoustic characteristics of their vocalizations. Two questions are addressed. What are the acoustic characteristics of children's speech? How can acoustic data be used to describe the development of speech? Children's vocalizations exhibit a range of(More)
  • Lawrence A Crum, Wallace Waterfall, Floyd A Firestone, Harvey Fletcher, Edward C Wente, Georg Von +44 others
  • 2013
2013 The Gold Medal is presented in the spring to a member of the Society, without age limitation, for contributions to acoustics. The first Gold Medal was presented in 1954 on the occasion of the Society's Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Celebration and biennially until 1981. It is now an annual award.