Kenneth Mubea

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Recently land-use change has been the main concern for worldwide environment change and is being used by city and regional planners to design sustainable cities. Nakuru in the central Rift Valley of Kenya has undergone rapid urban growth in last decade. This paper focused on urban growth using multi-sensor satellite imageries and explored the potential(More)
This research explores urban growth based scenarios for the city of Nairobi using a cellular automata urban growth model (UGM). African cities have experienced rapid urbanization over the last decade due to increased population growth and high economic activities. We used multi-temporal Landsat imageries for 1976, 1986, 2000 and 2010 to investigate urban(More)
The exponential increase of urban areas in Africa during the last decade has become a major concern in the context of global climatic change and the increasing amount of impervious surface. Land-use models can assist decision makers in analyzing the underlying processes and estimate the impact of remedy actions. We used multi-temporal Land sat imageries for(More)
Urban growth modelling cellular automata has blossomed due to the advancement in geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing and computer technology. Among such urban growth models, our urban growth model (UGM), was modified from SLEUTH (Slope Land-use Transport Hill-shade) model. UGM has been integrated in the XULU modeling frame-work (eXtendable(More)
A method to characterize the electromagnetic (EM) signature of barefaced terrain using 3D computer electromagnetic models (CEM) for radar applications is presented. Five barefaced terrain types with different electrical, physical and chemical properties were investigated. They include both homogeneous and heterogeneous terrain types particularly beach sand,(More)
Land use/cover change is a major global environmental change issue and projecting these changes is essential for the assessment of environmental impacts. In this study, a combined use of satellite remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), and markov chains stochastic modelling techniques were employed in analysing and projecting land use/cover(More)
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