Kenneth Maan Liong Lee

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The cost of data movement over the PCI Express bus is one of the biggest performance bottlenecks for accelerating data-intensive applications on traditional discrete GPU architectures. To address this bottleneck, AMD Fusion introduces a fused architecture that tightly integrates the CPU and GPU onto the same die and connects them with a high-speed, on-chip,(More)
HLDA10 is the Tenth Human Leukocyte Differentiation Antigen (HLDA) Workshop. The HLDA Workshops provide a mechanism to allocate cluster of differentiation (CD) nomenclature by engaging in interlaboratory studies. As the host laboratory, we invited researchers from national and international academic and commercial institutions to submit monoclonal(More)
BACKGROUND Health information on the Internet is ubiquitous, and its use by health consumers prevalent. Finding and understanding relevant online health information, and determining content reliability, pose real challenges for many health consumers. PURPOSE To identify the types of interventions that have been implemented to assist health consumers to(More)
BACKGROUND Laypeople increasingly use the Internet as a source of health information, but finding and discovering the right information remains problematic. These issues are partially due to the mismatch between the design of consumer health websites and the needs of health information seekers, particularly the lack of support for "exploring" health(More)
The movement of oil droplets due to waves and buoyancy was investigated by assuming an irregular sea state following a JONSWAP spectrum and four buoyancy values. A technique known as Wheeler stretching was used to model the movement of particles under the moving water surface. In each simulation, 500 particles were released and were tracked for a real time(More)
BACKGROUND The Internet provides a platform to access health information and support self-management by consumers with chronic health conditions. Despite recognized barriers to accessing Web-based health information, there is a lack of research quantitatively exploring whether consumers report difficulty finding desired health information on the Internet(More)
The interaction of chemical dispersants and suspended sediments with crude oil influences the fate and transport of oil spills in coastal waters. A wave tank study was conducted to investigate the effects of chemical dispersants and mineral fines on the dispersion of oil and the formation of oil-mineral-aggregates (OMAs) in natural seawater. Results of(More)