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Party Systems and Electoral Volatility in Latin America: A Test of Economic, Institutional, and Structural Explanations
Three different theoretical explanations are tested for the exceptionally high level of electoral volatility found in contemporary Latin America: economic voting, institutional characteristics ofExpand
Neoliberalism and the Transformation of Populism in Latin America: The Peruvian Case
Latin American populism is generally associated with the developmental stage of import substitution industrialization; it is thus widely presumed to have been eclipsed by the debt crisis of the 1980sExpand
The Resurgence of the Latin American Left
Latin America experienced an unprecedented wave of left-leaning governments between 1998 and 2010. This volume examines the causes of this leftward turn and the consequences it carries for the regionExpand
Deepening Democracy?: The Modern Left and Social Movements in Chile and Peru
Contents 1. Part I 2. 3. Part II 4. 5. 6. Part III 7. 8. 9.
Social inequalities without class cleavages in Latin America’s neoliberal era
Social inequalities have deepened in Latin America over the past several decades, yet an erosion of class cleavages has occurred in the political arena. During the era of import-substitutionExpand
Latin America's Populist Revival
Latin American populism was widely thought to have run its course by the 1980's as the region embraced far-reaching market reforms. In recent years, however, new and strikingly diverse populistExpand
The Politics of Inequality and Redistribution in Latin America's Post-Adjustment Era
Declining social and economic inequalities since the late 1990s coincided with several basic shifts in Latin America´s political landscape, including an electoral turn to the left and a revival ofExpand
Populism, Political Conflict, and Grass-Roots Organization in Latin America
Populism remains a widely used but heavily contested concept in the field of com parative politics. It is especially controversial in the study of Latin America, where debates continue over itsExpand
Changing Course in Latin America: Party Systems in the Neoliberal Era
1. Introduction: party system change in the neoliberal era Part I. Explaining Regional Patterns: 2. Partisanship and the puzzle of party system stability 3. Critical junctures and party system changeExpand
Social Correlates of Party System Demise and Populist Resurgence in Venezuela
Abstract Considering its strong, highly institutionalized two-party system, Venezuela was surely one of the least likely countries in Latin America to experience a party system breakdown and populistExpand