Kenneth M. Houston

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For many individuals who lose their voices due to laryngeal cancer or trauma, the only option for speech is to use an electrolarynx (EL), which is a battery-powered vibrator that is held to the throat. Current devices produce speech that is very machine-like in sound, with low levels of loudness and intelligibility, that also draws undesired attention to(More)
Nonlinear acoustic waves are investigated from the viewpoint of a wavepacket. The wavepacket is defined as a portion of a wave that travels at an independent phase speed c = c + flu', where c is the sound speed, ]3 is a constant related to the propagation nonlinearity, and u' is the acoustic particle velocity. During travel the wave distorts during travel(More)
Direct teleoperation of a mobile vehicle over a communications channel with delay on the order of one second is problematic for precise maneuvering and obstacle avoidance. To curb both operator vigilance and maneuvering mishaps during vehicle teleopera-tion, this thesis aims to develop a semi-autonomous vision-based navigation system for a small mobile(More)
Obstacle detection is an essential function for autonomous mobile robots. Current autonomous systems are generally heavy, high-powered devices. Additionally, obstacle detection systems often employ active ranging sensors that exhibit poor angular resolution, thereby preventing vehicles from navigating through narrow spaces. Other systems require(More)
A low-power seismic detector and classifier was designed and implemented which was able to detect the footsteps of a person from as far as 35 meters away. Throughout the design an emphasis was placed on using low power circuitry and efficient algorithms. The test platform to demonstrate the concepts of the design utilizes a revolutionary low-power(More)
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