Kenneth M Grundfast

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We have generated eight lines of transgenic mice containing mouse vasopressin-beta-galactosidase fusion constructs. One of these lines, VGA-9, harbors approximately 50 transgene copies at a single chromosomal site. When bred to transgene homozygosity, mice of this line showed a complete loss of skin pigmentation, microphthalmia, and cochlear abnormalities.(More)
Twelve children with symptoms of vocal cord paralysis were studied by monopolar needle electromyography. Recordings were used to verify complete or partial paralysis as well as to evaluate the etiology of the problem, paralytic or mechanical. These results then were useful in patient management. The monopolar electromyographic technique is of value in(More)
With increasing awareness among educators of the importance of early identification of hearing impairment, growing numbers of children are being referred for evaluation when a teacher or day care supervisor perceives that a child is having difficulty listening. Some children who manifest difficulty listening in a pre-school play group or the classroom may(More)
Congenital hereditary bilateral abductor vocal cord paralysis has been found in a father, his son and daughter. Though the disorder was previously believed to be inherited in a sex-linked manner, it now appears that there is an autosomal dominant variant. The vocal cord paralysis was associated with swallowing difficulty during infancy in all three of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the frequency, type, and clinical course of hearing loss in Wegener's granulomatosis and assess hearing loss as an indicator of disease activity. STUDY DESIGN, SETTING, AND PATIENTS Retrospective cohort review of all patients with Wegener's granulomatosis seen in 1 year at an academic medical center. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Hearing(More)
OBJECTIVE Otologic trauma was the most common physical injury sustained after the April 15, 2013, Boston Marathon bombings. The goal of this study is to describe the resultant otologic morbidity and to report on early outcomes. STUDY DESIGN Multi-institutional prospective cohort study. METHODS Children and adults seen for otologic complaints related to(More)
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