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Overture is a community-based initiative that aims to develop a common open-source platform integrating a range of tools for constructing and analysing formal models of systems using VDM. The mission is to both provide an industrial-strength tool set for VDM and also to provide an environment that allows researchers and other stakeholders to experiment with(More)
Combinatorial testing in VDM involves the automatic generation and execution of a large collection of test cases derived from templates provided in the form of trace definitions added to a VDM specification. The main value of this is the rapid detection of run-time errors caused by forgotten preconditions as well as broken invariants and post-conditions.(More)
The real time dialect of VDM, called VDM-RT, contains constructs for describing concurrent threads, synchronisation of such threads and the distribution of object instances and their threads over multiple CPUs with busses connecting them. Tools that simulate an executable subset of VDM-RT models benefit from being deterministic so that problems are(More)
We present and analyse an architectural migration in the Overture tool, a tool for which the primary internal data structure is an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST). The migration was from a high-cohesion AST with functionality encapsulated in its nodes to an extensible, low-cohesion AST with functionality implemented in visitors. This was motivated by the need(More)
Formal Methods tools will never have as many users as tools for popular programming languages and so the effort spent on constructing Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) will be orders of magnitudes lower than that of programming languages such as Java. This means newcomers to formal methods do not get the same user experience as with their favourite(More)
We present a set of principles that promote reuse in the development of tool support for formal modelling languages, in the context of language extensions. The principles are supported and realised by the <i>AstCreator</i> tool and its basic usage is demonstrated. Use of <i>AstCreator</i> can help reduce the efforts needed to extend a language. This is(More)