Kenneth L. Walker

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are becoming a major concern. Our nation’s infrastructure is heavily network based in all industries. However, the nation’s network infrastructure can’t deal with attacks on a local or global scale, leaving network and computer security up to an organization’s individual efforts. With the growing concern with regard to cyberterrorism there’s a need for new(More)
Targeted imaging requires contrast agents that remain in the vasculature for extended periods of time. A new contrast agent is described in which gadolinium is encapsulated within an extremely stable carbon sphere, thus allowing for safe extended residence. Water solubility and small particle size is achieved with novel fullerene chemistry, attaching(More)
A suspected increase in the salinity of fresh water resources can trigger a site investigation to identify the source(s) of salinity and the extent of any impacts. These investigations can be complicated by the presence of naturally elevated total dissolved solids or chlorides concentrations, multiple potential sources of salinity, and incomplete data and(More)
Quantitative information regarding the length and stability condition of groundwater plumes of benzene, methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE), and tert-butyl alcohol (TBA) has been compiled from thousands of underground storage tank (UST) sites in the United States where gasoline fuel releases have occurred. This paper presents a review and summary of 13 published(More)
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