Kenneth L. McMillan

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Many diierent methods have been devised for automatically verifying nite state systems by examining state-graph models of system behavior. These methods all depend on decision procedures that explicitly represent the state space using a list or a table that grows in proportion to the number of states. We describe a general method that represents the state(More)
We consider a fully SAT-based method of unbounded symbolic model checking based on computing Craig interpolants. In benchmark studies using a set of large industrial circuit verification instances, this method is greatly more efficient than BDD-based symbolic model checking, and compares favorably to some recent SAT-based model checking methods on positive(More)
We present a method of deriving Craig interpolants from proofs in the quantifier-free theory of linear inequality and uninterpreted function symbols, and an interpolating theorem prover based on this method. The prover has been used for predicate refinement in the Blast software model checker, and can also be used directly for model checking infinite-state(More)
Unfoldings of Petri nets provide a method of searching the state space of concurrent systems without considering all possible interleavings of concurrent events. A procedure is given for constructing the unfolding of a Petri net, terminating the construction when it is suucient to represent all reachable markings. This procedure is applied to hazard and(More)
The Walsh transform has numerous applications in computer-aided design, but the usefulness of these techniques in practice has been limited by the size of the boolean functions that can be transformed. Currently available techniques limit the functions to less than 20 variables. In this paper, we show how to compute concise representations of the Walsh(More)