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Mammalian dentitions are highly patterned, with different types of teeth positioned in different regions of the jaws. BMP4 is an early oral epithelial protein signal that directs odontogenic gene expression in mesenchyme cells of the developing mandibular arch. BMP4 was shown to inhibit expression of the homeobox gene Barx-1 and to restrict expression to(More)
There is an urgent clinical need for a safe, efficacious stimulant of gastric emptying; current therapies include erythromycin (an antibiotic with additional properties which preclude chronic use) and metoclopramide (a 5-hydroxytryptamine type 4 receptor agonist and an antagonist at brain D2 receptors, associated with movement disorders). To move away from(More)
PURPOSE To investigate a possible interaction between cholinergic and nitrergic amacrine cells in the rabbit retina. METHODS The activity of cholinergic amacrine cells was estimated by measuring the light-evoked release of [3H]-acetylcholine (ACh) from the retina of rabbits anesthetized with urethane. An eyecup was prepared and filled with Krebs-Ringer(More)
The retina possesses subpopulations of amacrine cells, which utilize different transmitters, including acetylcholine (ACh), GABA, and dopamine. We have examined interactions between these neurones by studying the effects of nicotinic agonists on GABA and dopamine release. Isolated rabbit retinas were incubated with [3H]dopamine and then superfused.(More)
The morphology of cornified structures is notoriously difficult to analyse because of the extreme range of hardness of their component tissues. Hence, a correlative approach using light microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, three-dimensional reconstructions based on x-ray computed tomography data, and graphic modeling was applied to study the morphology(More)
In image retrieval applications one of the boundary-dependent approaches is matching contours with their polygonal representation. We introduce (1) a new polygonal shape representation, (2) an efficient algorithm to compute a unique representation of a polygon to handle orientation and (3) a matching method that is invariant to rigid and affine(More)
PURPOSE To investigate whether the inhibitory effect of nitric oxide (NO) on dopamine release from the retina is due to chemical oxidation of dopamine in the extracellular medium rather than to an inhibitory effect on dopamine release from retinal neurons. METHODS Dopamine was incubated in Krebs bicarbonate medium and its rate of chemical degradation(More)
Much of the literature on resident moonlighting has been editorial in nature. Very little information on psychiatric residents' moonlighting practices and attitudes exists. The authors developed an instrument that was mailed to survey the chief residents of all 203 Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education-approved psychiatry residencies, with(More)
OBJECTIVE The author's goal was to discover strategies used by psychotherapy supervisors judged to be excellent teachers. METHOD In an earlier study, experienced teachers of psychotherapy rated the level of excellence of 34 different supervisors in 53 videotaped supervision sessions. In this study, the authors examined the transcripts of the nine(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore attitudes among leaders in psychiatric training about the usefulness of teaching college undergraduates about psychiatry and to assess benefits in recruitment and funding. METHOD A survey of current practices and beliefs was sent to most adult and child psychiatry residency training directors (RTDs) and Chairs of academic departments(More)