Kenneth L. Kaiser

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This exploratory, descriptive study investigated the relationship of life-change events and family and social support to decision making in pregnant adolescents. The convenience sample consisted of 43 subjects aged 14 to 18 years coming to two midwestern clinics for pregnancy testing. Instruments were the Adolescent Life Change Event Questionnaire and the(More)
Linear relationships of the median lethal concentrations of several hundreds of chemicals for a variety of organisms with Vibrio fischeri median effective concentrations are investigated. Significant correlations can be developed for many aquatic species including the fishes fathead minnow, bluegill, catfish, goldfish, goldorfe, guppy, killifish, rainbow(More)
—The limited usefulness of the maximum power transfer theorem in practice is argued. Inappropriately, the utility and value of the maximum power transfer theorem are often elevated to be religious icons of electrical engineering. While the theorem appears to be useful, often in real circuits the load impedance is not set equal to the complex conjugate of(More)
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