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FIFTH ™ , a new stack-based genetic programming language, efficiently expresses solutions to a large class of feature recognition problems. This problem class includes mining time-series data, classification of multivariate data, image segmentation, and digital signal processing (DSP). FIFTH is based on FORTH principles. Key features of FIFTH are a single(More)
Modeling to predict flame spread and fire growth is an active area of research in Fire Safety Engineering. A significant limitation to current approaches has been the lack of thermophysical material properties necessary for the simplified pyrolysis models embedded within the models. Researchers have worked to derive physical properties such as density,(More)
Solving complex, real-world problems with genetic programming (GP) can require extensive computing resources. However, the highly parallel nature of GP facilitates using a large number of resources simultaneously, which can significantly reduce the elapsed wall clock time per GP run. This paper explores the performance characteristics of an MPI version of(More)
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