Kenneth L Gunter

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This is the first report on the protective effect of heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) overexpression against oxidative stress-mediated neuronal cell death and demonstration of a decreased production of oxygen free radicals when HO-1 levels are increased. HO-1 is the heat shock/stress cognate of the heat shock protein 32 family of proteins. A known function of these(More)
With support from the US National Science Foundation and Department of Energy, a global benchmarking study of the status of Environmentally Benign Manufacturing (EBM) has recently been completed. The study [1], completed under the aegis of the World Technology Evaluation Center at Loyola College in Maryland, gathered information on research and development(More)
A simulation model for material flows and economic exchanges within the U.S. automotive material life cycle chain is presented. The model is employed to examine the effect of future changes in vehicle material composition on the automotive recycling infrastructure. The model results indicate that as vehicle material composition changes, higher dismantling/(More)
The use of cutting fluids in machining operations is being carefully scrutinized by industry for several reasons, including its overall cost in the manufacturing process and its impact on worker health. Given the concerns associated with the use of cutting fluids, a number of experimental and analytical research efforts are being conducted to gain an(More)
Welding fumes are common ambient air pollutants in manufacturing facilities, and have been shown to have deleterious effects on human health. An experimental effort is conducted to study the formation and composition of respirable fumes from a SMAW process. The responses examined are the fume particle size distribution (mean diameter) and formation rate(More)
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