Kenneth L. Dion

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In recent years, stereotype theorizing has been dominated by the social cognitive approach (Park & Hastie, 1987; Schneider, 1991). This viewpoint has emphasized the importance of social categorization to the process of stereotyping and its researchers have attempted to understand not only the antecedents and consequences of categorization but also the link(More)
Relative deprivation (RD) theory states that the perception of the relative positions of one's group and an out-group in terms of status and privilege is psychologically important. RD theory predictions for members of oppressed groups include increased endorsement of militant acts, decreased feelings of control and life-satisfaction as a function of(More)
The issues of interpersonal and group processes in long-term spacecrews from the perspectives of social and organizational psychology are considered here. A contrast between the Amundsen vs. Scott expeditions to the South Pole 90 yrs. ago highlights the importance of personnel selection and attention to interpersonal and group dynamics in expeditions to(More)
An individual being viewed in an Ames room usually appears considerably altered in physical size to an observer. However, some married persons perceive less size distortion of their spouses than a stranger. This instance of selective perceptual distortion, known as the Honi phenomenon, could perhaps reflect differential familiarity and/or emotional(More)
The effects of preceived prejudice upon affect and self-evaluation were explored by experimentally investigating the reactions of Jews to failure in an interpersonal situation. Subjects attributing their failure to religious discrimination by gentiles reported feeling more aggression, sadness, anxiety, and egotism on the Mood Adjective Check List than those(More)
Differences in the extent of depression symptoms were explored in a sample of Canadian university students representing Anglo-Celtic, South European, North European, East European, South Asian, and East Asian ethnocultural backgrounds in Toronto, one of the world's most ethnically diverse cities. Consistent with expectations, sex and ethnic differences in(More)
The relation of childhood and early adolescent social experiences with young women's concern over physical appearance (appearance anxiety) in late adolescence and early adulthood was examined. Female under-graduates completed questionnaires assessing appearance anxiety and a questionnaire assessing childhood and early adolescent experiences hypothesized to(More)