Kenneth L. Cooke

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Infection transmission dynamics and vaccination program effectiveness as a function of vaccine effects in individuals The influence of different forms of cross-protective immunity on the population dynamics of antigenically diverse pathogens Dynamics of multiple strains of infectious agents coupled by cross-immunity: A comparison of models
This paper focuses on predator-prey models with juvenile/mature class structure for each of the predator and prey populations in turn, further classified by whether juvenile or mature individuals are active with respect to the predation process. These models include quite general prey recruitment at every stage of analysis, with mass action predation,(More)
This paper deals with the study of a model of the response of the immune system within a human to an invading virus. The model consists of three highly nonlinear differential equations, some of which involve discrete delays. The model was formulated in Tang et al. (211,where some preliminary simulations were reported for a special case without time delays.(More)
In this paper, an attempt is made to estimate the location and period of the limit cycles of Gause-type predator-prey systems in the case when there is a unique unstable positive equilibrium. An annular region which contains all the limit cycles is determined, and an upper bound for the period of the limit cycles is given. Both the annular region and the(More)
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