Kenneth L. Chiou

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In order to enhance our understanding of the evolutionary history of squirrel monkeys (Saimiri spp.), we newly sequenced and analyzed data from seven complete mitochondrial genomes representing six squirrel monkey taxa. While previous studies have lent insights into the taxonomy and phylogeny of the genus, phylogenetic relationships and divergence date(More)
We developed an inexpensive methylation-based capture method for enriching host DNA from noninvasively obtained fecal samples. We demonstrate that the enrichment is robust, efficient, and compatible with downstream library preparation methods, including complexity-reduction approaches for massively parallel sequencing. Because feces are widely available and(More)
Intraspecific color vision variation is prevalent among nearly all diurnal monkeys in the neotropics and is seemingly a textbook case of balancing selection acting to maintain genetic polymorphism. Clear foraging advantages to monkeys with trichromatic vision over those with dichromatic "red-green colorblind" vision have been observed in captive studies;(More)
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