Kenneth Kuhn

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BACKGROUND Sequence and transcriptional variability within and between individuals are typically studied independently. The joint analysis of sequence and gene expression variation (genetical genomics) provides insight into the role of linked sequence variation in the regulation of gene expression. We investigated the role of sequence variation in cis on(More)
Advances in high-throughput genotyping and the International HapMap Project have enabled association studies at the whole-genome level. We have constructed whole-genome genotyping panels of over 550,000 (HumanHap550) and 650,000 (HumanHap650Y) SNP loci by choosing tag SNPs from all populations genotyped by the International HapMap Project. These panels also(More)
A variety of tasks conducted by aviation system decision makers and researchers requires analyzing aircraft trajectory data. Datasets containing high frequency aircraft position information collected over large geographic areas and long periods of time are too large to store in the primary memory of personal computers. This paper introduces the use of(More)
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