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The work that this thesis is a result of has the ambition to suggest a model for knowledge transfer to small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs). The knowledge in focus here is competitive production methods such as: lean production, six sigma, continuous improvement, total quality management or total productivity maintenance. To invest in research in the(More)
Suffix tree construction algorithms based on suffix links are popular because they are simple to implement, can operate online in linear time, and because the suffix links are often convenient for pattern matching. We present an approach using edge-oriented suffix links, which reduces the number of branch lookup operations (known to be a bottleneck in(More)
Acknowledgement This study is part of the research project Coherent Energy and Environmental System Analysis (CEESA), partly financed by the Danish Council for Strategic Research. The rest has been financed by the companies and institutions of the authors. This study has been initiated and conducted solely on the initiative of the authors and involve no(More)
Since the global oil crisis in the 1970s, Denmark has followed a path towards energy independency by continuously improving its energy efficiency and energy conservation. Energy efficiency was mainly tackled by introducing a high number of combined heat and power plants in the system, while energy conservation was predominantly approached by implementing(More)
A case study on the suitability of an existing system configuration and control policy to the manufacturing strategic objectives has been conducted in a discrete part factory that belongs to a large Swedish manufacturing company. There are two market segments for the products identified as Segment A and Segment B with different priority of competitive(More)
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