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BACKGROUND Any strategy to reduce blood loss in liver resection and decrease blood transfusion would be of benefit to the patient and surgeon. This study evaluates the association of central venous pressure (CVP) with blood loss and blood transfusion during liver resection. METHODS One hundred consecutive hepatic resections in the period 1986-1996 were(More)
BACKGROUND The optimal technique for inguinal hernia repair remains contentious. This study compared the Shouldice repair with the totally extraperitoneal endoscopic (TEP) method in a randomized clinical trial, with quality of life (QoL) and cost analysis. METHODS Two hundred patients were randomized to Shouldice or TEP repair. Patients were assessed(More)
Kinetensin is a nonapeptide, originally isolated from pepsin-treated plasma, that shares some sequence homology with the C-teminal end of neurotensin. The present study was designed to determine, by infusing kinetensin to conscious sheep, the pharmacokinetics and a neurotensin-like biological activity (pancreatic polypeptide response) of kinetensin.(More)
Maternal and fetal disposition of the beta adrenoceptor blocking drug, propranolol was examined in the pregnant sheep from day 95 to day 140 (term, 145 days) of gestation. Propranolol was administered to the mother (bolus dose, 1.5 mg/kg followed by an infusion of 1.2 mg/kg/hr over 3 hr) to achieve an average steady-state maternal total drug concentration(More)
GFR is commonly estimated using the four-variable Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD) formula and this forms the basis for classification of chronic kidney disease (CKD). We investigated the effect of obesity on the estimation of glomerular filtration rate in type 2 diabetic participants with CKD. We enrolled 111 patients with type 2 diabetes(More)
Because of reduced health care funding it is becoming necessary for surgeons to take a greater interest in the costs of individual operations. This study reports costs directly measurable to the patient, and also the indirect costs of hospital overheads, an operating suite and teaching, which were 37, 10 and 15%, respectively (62%), of hospital budget. A(More)
  • K J Hardy
  • 1990
Liver surgery has grown over 2000 years from the mystic hepatoscopy of the Babylonians to the ultimate of orthotopic transplantation by Starzl in 1968. The first successful liver resection was for trauma by Hildanus in the 17th century. The first successful planned resection was by Langenbuch in 1888 and the first hemihepatectomy by Wendel in 1911. The(More)
Colour vision function was assessed in 38 non-complicated type 1 diabetic patients in whom fluorescein angiography was normal, and was compared with that in 36 age-matched, non-diabetic controls. All of the patients were healthy and none were taking medication except insulin. The eye examination, which was normal in every patient, included the Ishihara and(More)
The cause of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is unknown; however, extensive research has yielded great insight into its pathogenesis. Lymphocytes play a significant role, but a lesser role in the perpetuation of late disease. The rheumatoid synovium is composed primarily of fibroblasts and monocytes that produce inflammatory cytokines, of which interleukin-1 and(More)