Kenneth J. Stevens

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Executive Summary This paper discusses the use and assessment of three teaching tools (WebCT, Mindtrail, and EVE) in a postgraduate course. Firstly, the postgraduate course is introduced and the reader is provided with an overview of the course, Information Systems Auditing, an explanation of the manner in which the course was delivered, the cohort(More)
The use of the Wikis in both postgraduate and undergraduate teaching is rapidly increasing in popularity. Much of the research into the use of this technology has focused on the practical aspects of how the technology can be used and is yet to address why it is used, or in what way it enhances teaching and learning outcomes. A comparison of the key(More)
This paper argues that IS theories should not ignore or background the relationship between individuals and technologies in explaining concepts such as adoption, innovation, diffusion, and practice. The relationships that individuals have with technologies should, arguably, be a core interest of IS because of the centrality of people and IT to the(More)
Identity fraud is recognised as a serious and significant problem in Australia by Government and industry, with estimates of losses ranging up to $4 billion per annum. This paper presents details of a research project which aims to research identity fraud from an organisational, information systems, and social perspective by investigating control,(More)
The technological capability of digital natives is thought to have considerable implications on the way they communicate, socialize, think and learn. Some researchers have even suggested that fundamental changes to the educational system are required to cater for the needs of this new cohort of learner, although such claims have little empirical support. In(More)
Given the considerable opportunities that Web 2.0 technologies are seen to present for the enhancement of learning and teaching, understanding what motivates today's students to use this technology in their learning is crucial. Drawing from technology mediated learning (TML) and Uses and Gratifications (U&G) perspectives, this study investigates university(More)