Kenneth J. Omahen

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A mult~resource queuemg system is a single congestion point associated with a number of resources which may be of different types Amwng jobs s~multaneously require some comblnaUon of these resources for the duration of the processing time of the jobs. The capacity bound for such a system, given the characteristics of the input stream, is defined as the(More)
The method of analysis employing decomposition of busy periodshas, in various forms, been applied to the M/G/1 queueing systemunder a variety of scheduling rules This paper extends thetechnique of decomposition of busy periods in order to deal withthe M/M/c queueing system. Particular attention is given to aspecial busy period referred to as a "delay(More)
A general multi-resource queueing system is defined to be a single congestion point associated with a number of different resource types and having arrivals which require some combination of the system resources simultaneously for the duration of their processing times. Such a system is characterized by a variable processing rate which is a function of the(More)
to the success or failure Sizing transaction of a business, based on the processing systems level of performance the correctly is a difficult application provides. In task. By nature, transaction processing, transaction processing poor application applications are not performance can translate predefined and can vary directly into lost from the simple to(More)
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