Kenneth J. Noonan

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We reviewed the results of distraction osteogenesis of 114 femora and 147 tibiae that had been lengthened to treat a variety of diagnoses. The femora had been lengthened an average of eleven centimeters (range, 3.5 to 17.0 centimeters), or 48 per cent (range, 8 to 86 per cent) of the original femoral length. The average total time for the treatment of the(More)
One hundred and two (92 per cent) of 111 immature patients in whom idiopathic scoliosis had been treated with a Milwaukee brace were followed to determine the effectiveness of the brace in preventing progression of the scoliosis. The average time from cessation of bracing until the latest radiographs were made for the patients who were managed(More)
In this study 11 ambulatory patients (mean 10.8 years) with spastic cerebral palsy were each evaluated with instrumented gait analysis at four different centers. After review of the data, each medical director chose from a list of treatment options. The average variability in static range of motion from physical examination ranged from 25 degrees to 50(More)
CD44 has been described as a cell surface hyaluronan receptor present on a variety of different cells, and it is generally assumed to be prevalent in most connective tissues that contain hyaluronan. A major aim of this study was to test that presumption by localizing CD44 and hyaluronan within several tissues of the proximal tibia of the growing rat.(More)
BACKGROUND Limb-length discrepancy or angular deformities as a result of altered bone growth may lead to a decreased range of motion and impaired function as well as premature osteoarthritis in patients with multiple hereditary osteochondromatosis. The purpose of this study was to describe the function of the forearm in untreated patients in order to(More)
To define the contributions of changes in cell, matrix compartment, and fibrillar collagen volumes to longitudinal bone growth, we measured the differences in cell, pericellular/territorial matrix and interterritorial matrix volumes, and fibrillar collagen concentrations between the upper proliferative and lower hypertrophic zones of the proximal tibial(More)
BACKGROUND Thermal injuries caused by application of casts continue to occur despite the development of newer cast materials. We studied the risk of these injuries with contemporary methods of immobilization. METHODS Using cylindrical and L-shaped limb models, we recorded the internal and external temperature changes that occurred during cast application.(More)
In this study the authors evaluated the natural history of the ankle joint in patients with multiple hereditary osteochondromatosis. Thirty-eight subjects with an average age of 42 years completed a detailed subjective questionnaire and underwent clinical and radiographic evaluation of their ankles. Three subjects (8%) indicated their ankle involvement(More)