Kenneth Irving

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For early vertebrates, a long-standing hypothesis is that vertebrae evolved as a locomotor adaptation, stiffening the body axis and enhancing swimming performance. While supported by biomechanical data, this hypothesis has not been tested using an evolutionary approach. We did so by extending biomimetic evolutionary analysis (BEA), which builds physical(More)
Kurtz, Nienhuys, and Sandhu (1997), instead of explaining the anomaly in their planetary data that we discovered (Ertel and Irving, 1997), launch a broadside attack against all claims of Gauquelin-type correlations. In our rejoinder, we provide evidence for highly significant Mars-effect results based on the skeptics’ own samples. Regarding CSICOP’s data(More)
A Massachusetts legislative commission was established to investigate the potential health hazards associated with the use of sprayed-on asbestos in public school buildings. All schools built, renovated, or added onto from 1946 to 1973 were surveyed. Sprayed-on materials from the public areas of these schools were analyzed for asbestos content. Air samples(More)
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