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We show how the results of Brylawski and Oxley [4] on the Tutte polynomial of a tensor product of graphs may be generalized to colored graphs and the Tutte polynomials introduced by Bollobás and Riordan [1]. This is a generalization of our earlier work on signed graphs with applications to knot theory. Our result makes the calculation of certain invariants(More)
We provide a new proof of Brylawski's formula for the Tutte polynomial of the tensor product of two matroids. Our proof involves extending Tutte's formula, expressing the Tutte polynomial using a calculus of activities, to all polynomials involved in Brylawski's formula. The approach presented here may be used to show a signed generalization of Brylawski's(More)
DNA knots formed under extreme conditions of condensation, as in bacteriophage P4, are difficult to analyze experimentally and theoretically. In this paper, we propose to use the uniform random polygon model as a supplementary method to the existing methods for generating random knots in confinement. The uniform random polygon model allows us to sample(More)
It is well-known that the Jones polynomial of a knot is closely related to the Tutte polynomial of a special graph obtained from a regular projection of the knot. In this paper, we study the Tutte polynomials for signed graphs. We show that if a signed graph is constructed from a simpler graph via k-thickening or k-stretching, then its Tutte polynomial can(More)
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